Priyankaa Ananthakrishna

Hindu helpline has been really helpful during the pandemic. Students knew that they can always talk about their problems to various volunteers through helpline numbers. They also helped us find jobs and gave us some tips regarding it. Fruits, fresh vegetables and grocery support was really useful especially to me. Thank you very much for the timely service it was very helpful.

Vatsal Patel

I feel extremely joyous when I visited VHP. The nature of Rajendra Pandey was very good.Although, I live in Australia we feel that we are living in our home country. I am very thankful to him for getting all help from him.

Rabia Chhabra

It was very helpful to me. I was going through in a very hard situation due to unemployment. Therefore, I got some help related food from her Hindu helpline. After all, Indian do best for their community and thank you once again to give me help. 

Dixen Patel

I feel extremely happy when I visited your place.It looks like that we are still living in our country.

Maintaining a Hindu culture / religion in Australia is such a tuff task and I am extremely thankful to you for your support.

Raja Thiagarajan Chitra Subramanian

It gives me extreme pleasure to write about Australian Hindu Helpline. Vishva Hindu Parishad Australia has helped me to get to know about various hindu events in adelaide and their members are very friendly in nature. Their decision to help students who are suffering from COVID has benefitted me. The groceries given by them are very useful. I wish the VHP Australia all success for their future endeavors and once again thank them for their timely assistance and support.

Bhavikaben Patel

Hindu help line is help international student by giving grocery which is very helpful for us in this situation as well as I got response Very quickly with respect so overall it doing great work and I appreciate it very much.

Gajalakshmi Balasubramanian

I am an International Student studying in The University of Adelaide. I arrived at Adelaide in February 2020 and things went really bad due to Covid-19 lock down. Hindu Helpline helped all the international students who were in need of food. The VHP volunteers in the Hindu Helpline were friendly, enthusiastic and helpful. Organizations like Hindu Helpline are required to support students who struggle during pandemic situations and to support all the people who are going through hardship..

Sunny Patel

I would say that Hindu helpline is best service which provides groceries and many supports to student and other people who really need help.I appreciated that they are doing such a great work for all students and needy people.I would like to thanks Hindu helpline and staff.

Monika Patel

I would say that Hindu helpline is the best service which provides groceries and many supports to students and other people who really need help.I appreciated that they are doing such great work for all students and needy people.I would like to thank the Hindu helpline and staff. 

Avani Chandaranaa

Hindu Helpline is a great concept created during the crisis of COVID-19. The association made sure that I am comfortable and provided  me with various kinds of support during the lockdown period. Hindu Helpline supplied us with all fresh fruits, vegetables and staple groceries needed on a daily basis without expecting anything in return.

The volunteers have been really quick and proactive in contacting us and managing the entire mission to help everyone who was facing problems due to this situation. They were very friendly and cooperative throughout.


The help offered was so prompt and timely. I have no words to describe how much it meant to me. They made sure that all problems are addressed in some way or the other.

Niranjan Fernando

We are really thankful for your team taking it upon yourself to help students like us at this difficult time of the period where we at loss our job due to COVID. You did a great job at this, and every one means so much to us. We know it wasn't easy, but we trust that your team could do that stand with us during a hard time. That helpful attitude makes it clear that I will continue to take on new challenges and grow with the more confident. Thank you for your kind help and wish you very best to lead your organization at the top level.

Jayavant Krishna

This helpline is really good with support being provided to international students in such hard times when there are no job opportunities and people are struggling to fulfill their daily needs.


It is a very essential initiative. At such challenging times, the Hindu helpline has served as a helping hand for a lot of international students like me.


It is very kind work to give grocery to international students because in covid19 situation we lost our job so it is very helpful for us.

Sachin Singla

Hindu helpline is the first name that comes to mind whenever someone needs help. Volunteers are so helpful and knowledgeable. Even the response time is very less. I got responses within a short time and it really helped me a lot.