Men's Helpline 

If you are struggling with anxiety and depression, which is affecting your well-being and psychological health, you should know that they are not alone. Help is just a mere call away.

You may be stressed because of loss of job or feeling isolated and cut off from social networks. In times of your need, we will stand by you. 

Contact Hindu Men’s helpline

Discussing your problems and struggles related to mental health is not an act of cowardice, but rather facing them is emblematic of bravado. Allow us to facilitate your journey back to your psychological well-being.   

The state of depression is transient in nature if one is willing to work towards it. We promise to not judge you and provide unconditional support in your current state wherein stress and gloom must have subdued your rationality. 

You can be assured of confidentiality as it is of paramount importance, given our values, which we abide by. 

Please provide us the details below, whatever you feel safe and confident doing and our volunteers will contact you as soon as possible to provide most suitable services and assistance.