Religious Helpline

The religious helpline provides guidance to resolve any doubts or questions on Dharmic Hindu rituals and practices

Hindu Helpline also provides free religious services or assists in organising such ceremonies that are required by you or your family.

You must arrange necessary samagri, a clean place and set aside respectful time for the ceremony.

VHP priests will guide you with what is required and will perform the ceremony on fixed date and time free of cost.

If you are a student or undergoing hardship, we can even provide the necessary samagri for your ceremony.

If you need any services, including those not listed above, please submit your request below and our volunteers will contact you soon.

Contact Hindu Religious Helpline

Our services include

  Celebrate Birthdays with Ayushya Homa – birthday should be as per            Indian calendar. 

  Celebrate Housewarmings /Griha Pravesh with a Vastu homam or                Navagraha.

  Energise and sanctify your home with Ancient Vedic chants from the Rig,      Yajur and Sama Veda.

  Celebrate any important occasion such as anniversaries with a special          chanting session of Vedas and Slokas by our trained volunteers.